This series of paintings have been developing over the past year. emerging from a process of abstracting the human form and re-assembling it, creating continuous webs of moving parts that suggest bodies in motion. I am interested in the duality of representation and abstraction, an inbetween place where the body is present but never complete. The abstracting and merging of bodily forms has allowed me to articulate the idea of collectivity. The conceptual basis for these works is collective human experience of embodiment and our connectedness to the physical world. The fleshy colours and thick textures invoke a sense of the embodied experience and a celebration of the materiality through an expressive, gestural style. I am enjoying the way the mesh of bodies has come to characterise innards, drawing focus to our material need for sustenance, and the corresponding needs of the earth. I also am reminded of the metophorical guts, the part of the body often imagined as the location of our instincts and bravery.


We were all together

Meat Me There

Glorious Pile