These paintings are experiments in deconstructing the human form to that play with the boundaries of figuration and abstraction. By fragmenting the figure I induced a closer examination of the formal qualities of the work, and moved away form the subjective toward the objective. These were some of the first experiemnts I made with oil paint as I learnt to use the medium. This series influenced a set of plastecine sculptures, which I then worked from in more observational studies. A widening visual vocabulary was being generated and new possibilities for innovation in form emerged.

Three digital collages, reassembling the abstract forms together in a dynamic compositions with varied background colours. I want these pieces to look like a repeat pattern, with potential to be made into wallpaper or a fabric print. The figurative elements of the design would be revealed only on close inspection.

More experiments in composition, colour and gesture. Oil and acrylic on paper.

These compositions were created from observational studies of sculptural forms. Acrylic on paper.